Javier San Pedro | Randez

Variety/Blend: Screenshot 2017-01-27 19.42.41.pngTempranillo
Vintage: 2015
Alcohol: 13%
Region: Rioja
Recommended Pairing: Mint-scented beard salve.

Maybe it’s because it’s a Friday night after a really stressful, sweaty week or maybe it’s the patchouli foot scrub I used in the nightly biblical foot-washing I did earlier this evening, but this wine was giving me these pleasant, fruity, musky vibes that really made my engines purr (if you know what I’m sayin).

Lately I’ve been listening to a slew of podcasts from comedians in Los Angeles who used to live in New York. And they’re all really funny, but there’s one question they pretty much all ask of their quests (also fellow comedians and former New Yorkers): what would your perfect day be?

My perfect day begins when I wake up at 7:30 a.m. to the smell of Idris Elba making pancakes in the kitchen. (Or maybe a breakfast burrito. In my imagination, he sometimes likes to switch things up.) He’s wearing nothing but an apron that says “Nasty Woman,” and he’s drinking this exact wine. The rest of my perfect day is unimportant and not something I want to put on the internet.

This wine (much like Mr. Elba himself) is the definition of smooth. I know this wine is from Rioja, but if I didn’t know that, I would probably guess that it was grown in whatever country George Ezra is from.

If I had a podcast, my signature question would be, “what country do you think George Ezra is from, and don’t you think this wine tastes sweet like his syrupy voice?”


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