Apothic | White Blend

Howdy, folks. I’m coming to you this evening from my bathtub. Why you ask? Think of it as immersive journalism–method acting but for wine. Allow me to explain:

Viña Zaco | Tempranillo

Let’s be real, Matthew McConaughey is too chill to be a red wine guy, but if he has ever had a red wine, it probably would have been this one. Probably while in a hammock. But probably not in Spain. And Camila Alves is just out of the shot, feeding him grapes.

Nisia | Rueda Verdejo

Everything about this wine is duplicitous. It’s sweet and apple-y on the nose. But then you taste it, and suddenly it’s like BOOM: bananas and subtle stone fruit or some shit. And then just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder, it has a dry finish.